Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I think it is pretty safe to say (with the possible exception of Dear Creatures) Nadinoo is probably my favorite reasonably priced line currently in production, and for much the same reason. Both lines manage to be whimsical and nostalgic without reverting to being cartoonish or becoming caricatures. They both transport you to the past while still maintaining a modern appeal, but where DC has me wanting to cavort around France with Anna Karina by my side, Nadinoo makes me want to skip through meadows and have tea parties with my best friend. Neither of which is a particularly bad scenario.

Nadinoo pieces are usually made to order (although this season will find them shipping ready made goods) and cut from the most amazing liberty prints.

I have found myself scouring thrift store racks for liberty-esque prints and making impulsive floral printed Ebay purchases (with awful results) ever since I first spotted their line last year. This time around I may just have to bite the bullet and have the real thing shipped directly from the UK.

In other news, I am a lazy blogger.



  1. Nadia always creates the most prefect clothes, I literally want every last piece!

    Cait x

  2. Nadinoo has been killing me with their looks, they have some great stuff!

    On a different note, I'm assuming your from Long Beach? Hi!! I love e-meeting local ladies :) Alex's Bar was really great so hopefully i'll find my way back there.

  3. love nadinoo. wish i could afford it. check out my blog and etsy! i put up a spring lookbook for it.


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