Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DC + M

Dear Creatures + Moxsie are teaming up and offering one lucky girl her pick of the Dear Creatures items available on Moxsie.com. The next few entries will consist of me styling my favorites to link as my entries. While I originally wanted to go for brownie points by styling them using nothing but DC or Moxsie items, I instead decided to be honest and style them with the pieces I have been coveting all winter long to wear on the perfect spring days that still seem to be eluding us here in So. Cal.

Look 1: The Hampton Coat

1. Dear Creatures 2. Wanted 3. Nadinoo 4. Top Shop

Please note that this is quite near my dream everyday sort of outfit and I would wear it absolutely anywhere.



  1. i adore your blog :) we have the same taste in clothing. I'm obsessed with dear creatures.


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